Economical first line IT support

We have all had times when we have a problem with our computer system. And it always happens at the most inconvenient time.

  • "The computer has crashed!"
  • "My email has stopped working"
  • "The internet is off"
  • "I've lost a file"
  • "I cant print this document"

All these can be very stressful; but the solutions are often simple - when you know how.

As an individual or small business it can be difficult to get the help you need when something goes wrong. With 30 years of experience in IT I can usually help you overcome your problem.

Scheduled backups

Disaster recovery is an important part of the plan for management of your installation. How would you react when confronted by the message "Your files have been encrypted"? If you dont have backups then you will have a major problem.

Your operating system and installed software are replaceable. The computer can be restored with all its operating ability intact. Your accounts, your contacts, all your personal files, they can not. Even a home computer has irreplaceable photos, letters, maybe schoolwork or assignments etc. that represent hundreds of hours of work. At a MINIMUM you should make sure you have a backup of these files.

Check this page to see how to make these backups

A hard drive crash, virus or ransomware attack need not be a disaster, and you could be up and running again in a few hours; but ONLY if you have backups.

Virus removal


And some viruses can turn the anti-virus software off! If you see ANY unusual behaviour it could mean you have a virus, trojan, or "PUP". You should check regularly to make sure your computer is not infected. I recently checked a clients WORKING computer to find HUNDREDS of issues.

Unlike other malware, viruses try to avoid notice. So a well-written virus will not give away its presence. Luckily, most viruses WILL cause problems with your computer, so any strange behaviour is a cause for concern.

Follow THIS GUIDE to check for problems and remove them.


Advice on new installations

If you are choosing a new computer, or new software, I can usually help with advice on choosing the right combination of hardware (i.e. computers) and software (i.e. programs) so that system will work well as a whole. You will save money by getting the equipment you really need, and not paying extra for unnecessary extras.

Even a small domestic or business installation may include several different computers - laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.; and a distributed network for wired and wireless connection to the Internet. Simple choices such as wiring layout can ensure you get the best response for your money.

Click the advice - freeware tab to see how you COULD save over £1000 on software for a single computer!