Charitable activity: items for sale, wanted, and donations

At irregular intervals skillbank has surplus computers, stock or "second user" items for sale.
All proceeds from this activity are donated to charity.

If you're interested in any of these items please contact me via the contact form

skillbank supports Marie Curie

During 2020, thanks to generous donors of equipment, I was able to donate almost £600 to support Marie Curie in these difficult times. 2021 is already doing well with over £400 already and another donation of £200 ready to go.

Donations: We are always looking for unwanted or even broken PC's / laptops in clean condition to refurbish for charity sale. I'd be happy to offer some support in exchange! Just use the contact form to get in touch.

A neat little netbook with new battery for sale

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 laptop £49

Dell mini 10

Nice little laptop in very good condition just fitted with a new long-life battery; power supply / charger included.

WiFi enabled, running Linux Lite with internet, email, office software, ebook viewer, media player and lots more. Also has a webcam 1G RAM and massive 500Gbyte hard drive.

"The six-cell, 5600-mAh battery in the Mini 10 performed very well, lasting for 9 hours and 3 minutes on our LAPTOP Battery Test (Web Surfing via Wi-Fi)." Laptop Mag review.


External connections Right and Left shown above
(except this one is red not white)
On its left side, the Mini 10 has two USB ports, a VGA port, and a 3-in-1 memory card reader.
On the right is Ethernet, USB, and headphone and mic ports.
This mini laptop / netbook does not have a DVD drive


And I also have for sale a couple of good widescreen monitors

Delium 22 inch wide screen monitor £20

22 inch monitor

5:3 aspect ratio - i.e. semi-wide screen

Packard Bell 19 inch wide screen monitor £10

packard bell 19 inch monitor

16:9 aspect ratio - modern wide screen

Replacement parts for older computers

I have a small stock of parts suitable for repairs or memory expansion on older PCs and laptops. A memory expansion, larger drive or SSD can transform the speed of your PC!

Flat screen and widescreen monitors

If anyone would like an old style (4:3) flat screen monitor I have a couple around 18" - only a fiver each. Good for working with A4 pages! Also a couple of more recent widescreen monitors as shown above, going cheap.

If your laptop screen is broken - or just too small - most laptops can use an external monitor and keyboard to make a nice economical desktop PC.

Get a mouse!

Laptop touchpads are often a source of issues.

I ALWAYS carry a mouse with me for use when visiting clients. You can get a wireless mouse for under a fiver so why use a touchpad?

Laptop batteries

Laptop batteries degrade with age. This can place a high load on the charger, so it runs hot as it tries to charge a failing battery. Many chargers fail for this reason. I feel this is a fire risk. The battery is not needed if the laptop is running from its charger. You only need a battery for portable use away from mains. By removing the battery the load on the charger is greatly reduced, and the charger runs cool. So if you arent USING it portable and (if its removable) just remove the battery!

Warranties on goods and services

We provide a 90 day limited warranty on items supplied by us, and repairs we undertake. Our liability is in all cases limited to the price you paid for those goods or services, and does not cover misuse. If you have bought an item from us you may access the terms of the limited warranty here.

When we accept an item for repair we will ask you to sign a service agreement and data protection consent form, and you will receive a copy; however the terms of the agreement are also available below for your reference.

Limited warranty on services and purchases

Service Agreement