Frequency Division with Amplitude Restore: Mounting the microphone

The MEMS microphone is intended for surface mounting and is very small. Some electret mirophones are like this also.
The pictures that follow show one way a SMD microphone can be mounted to the detector box.

Step 1: Make a small PCB

Step 2: Cut the PCB to fit into a rubber grommet

Step 3: Glue the MEMS into the PCB

Step 4: prepare 2 wires

Step 5: fit the wires through the PCB

Step 6: Solder the wires to the PCB

Step 7a: bend the wires down through adjacent holes

Step 7b: as shown here

Step 8: Solder the wires to the PCB

Step 9: repeat for the other pair of wires

Step 10: fit the PCB into the rubber grommet

Your microphone is now mounted and ready to fit to your detector case.