Items for sale, and donations

At irregular intervals skillbank has surplus computers, stock or "second user" items for sale.
All profits from this activity are donated to charity. If you're interested in any of these items please contact me via the contact form

Donations: We are always looking for unwanted or even broken PC's / laptops in clean condition to refurbish for charity sale too - I'd be happy to offer some support in exchange! Just use the contact form to get in touch.

Items for sale:



Replacement parts for older computers

I have a small stock of parts suitable for repairs or memory expansion on older PCs and laptops. A memory expansion can transform the speed of your PC!

Flat screen (not widescreen) monitors

If anyone would like an old style (4:3) flat screen monitor I have a couple around 18" - only a fiver each. Good for working with A4 pages!

Laptop batteries

Why no battery? Laptop batteries degrade with age. This can place a high load on the charger, so it runs hot as it tries to charge a failing battery. Many chargers fail for this reason. I feel this is a fire risk. The battery is not needed if the laptop is running from its charger. You only need a battery for portable use away from mains. By removing the battery the load on the charger is greatly reduced, and the charger runs cool.