Windows 10 Configuration

Now you have Windows 10 you will see the start menu brings the best from Windows 8 and also the earlier versions of Windows. This page describes some of the new features .

start + action



Press the "Windows" button or click the "Start" button and you will see something like the image above. The "Action Centre" bar is not normally displayed - but clicking on the "notifications" icon on the taskbar (shown arrowed above) it appears and allows you to change to tablet mode, as shown below. Try it, it can be changed back just as easily.

tablet mode

control panel
Even in setting up the PC there are two different approaches: The new "Settings" that you see above
And the familiar "Control Panel", which gives a much wider range of settings and choices.

Resolving issues

When you have installed Windows 10 you will most likely find that some of your devices do not work as expected.

A common problem is that the W10 upgrade does not correctly install your peripherals (printer, scanner, etc). In this case you will need to enter "Settings" - "Devices" - "Printes and Scanners" and click "Add a printer". Generally this will find and install your printer, but you may find you get the screen below leftindicating W10 can't identify the device you want to use. In this case you will need to use one of the options (on the screen below right) and install the device yourself. You may need the disk that came with your printer (scanner, etc).



Hopefully this will resolve the issues. You MAY also have problems running some of your applications, and will need to reinstall them.